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Letters from Readers

November 20, 2019
Farm News

To the editor,

"Understanding what it takes to transition to organic" emblazoned the front page of of last weeks FN! WHY? "Organic" ("O") is a SHAM! It is LESS safe to eat, costs almost double and contributes more pollution to our surface

and atmosphere than modern production agriculture because "O" relies SOLELY on tillage for weed and pest control. Tillage breaks down organic matter releasing CO 2 into the atmosphere and causes soil erosion.

"O" rules set-up during the Clinton administration allow NO pesticides, no commercial fertilizer and ZERO use of modern plant breeding techniques which, in essence, reverts us back to agriculture of the 20's, 30's and 40's. Can you imagine ANY other industry ONLY using technology of 100 years ago?

"O" is the antithesis of soil health, sustainability and conservation. Since almost all "climate change" zealots are pro "O," despite the fact MORE fossil fuels are used per unit of production, proves that man-made CC and "O" are BOTH bereft of common sense, facts and logic! Science is a foreign term-NOT to be found!

Jerry Crew




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