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Letters from Readers

April 26, 2019
Farm News

To the editor:

Mr. David Kruse,

Your article in the April 12, 2019 issue of Farm News about farmers not making money was much appreciated. Please allow me to offer my thoughts as to why this is true and how it might be reversed.

Most row crop farmers (including myself) spend their profits before they get in the field with high priced seed, chemicals, and machine costs. This problem could be changed with a new kind of farming.

A perennial seed corn is a distinct possibility according to Penn State University who since the 1980's has been working with scientists in Argentina to advance its development. Some varieties of this corn have been growing in Mexico and SW United States for centuries. This corn would wipe out conventional tillage providing a zero loss in annual soil erosion.

Professor Jean-Michel Ane at the University of Wisconsin has announced the discovery of a corn in southern Mexico that fixes its own nitrogen like soybeans and is referred to as a real "game changer" for agriculture worldwide. The potential improvements in air and water quality-not to mention financial savings-are staggering.

Present day farming must change when a bushel of corn (56 pounds of raw protein) will not buy a cup of coffee in many restaurants.

Lyle D. Spencer




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