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Letters from Readers

April 26, 2019
Farm News

To the editor:

The fact the two weekly contributors for Farm News have remained silent on the Mueller report speaks volumes about the politics of Kruse and Guebert, the two most biased commentators in agriculture.

They have completely abandoned the most basic rule of journalism "just the facts, ma'am!" Stolen from Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet.

We, of course, know why. It completely exonerated President Trump and his campaign finding no collusion or obstruction during or after the 2016 presidential campaign with Russia. Democrats and the liberal mainstream press tried to "make hay" with AG Barr's summation that "although the Mueller Report did not find obstruction, it wouldn't exonerate the president" but what does that mean?

It means Robert Mueller knew there was no collusion with Russia (the only reason for a special prosecutor) from day one, but wasted almost two years and 35 million taxpayer dollars on 19 attorneys whose sole purpose was to find enough dirt to justify an indictment that could, in essence, impeach President Trump.

Many are celebrating this as a victory, but I have difficulty with a "victory lap". Why did congress allow this rogue prosecution to continue? We can (and rightly so) blame the Democrats, but we had control for 2 years. The problem is we have too many bureaucrats, Democrats and media types harboring "Trump Derangement Syndrome!" (think hatred)

I hated the policies of FDR, HST, LBJ, Carter, Clinton and Obama - not their person. Unfortunately, that can't be said for today's Democrats, mainstream media or our two Farm News columnists.

Jerry Crew




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