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Letters from Readers

February 22, 2019
Farm News

To the editor:

The letter by Mr. Jerry Crew was interesting concerning his Christian claims and his dislike of the Democratic party and its principles. I guess i would put up the platform of the Democratic party concerning human rights and dignity against the Republican party any day.

But it is his claim that the Holy Bible is the word of God that perks my imagination! A wise individual once said " a person cannot argue against something that cannot be proven". I consider myself a free thinking individual and will challenge authoritarian or authority figures everytime they claim they know the truth and to me Mr. Crew comes off just a little to authoritarian for my taste.

Now I would never try to make the claim the Old and New Testament is not the word of God. I cannot prove it because it is a matter of deep engrained faith taught over the centuries. But in a court of law I believe Jerry would have some difficulties defending something based on faith alone.

However when he uses his Christian faith to undermine a human right (a right of a women to make decisions concerning her body) well that's another matter. Then we can use established law, reason, ethics and centuries of men claiming ownership of women and control over their minds to challenge men like Mr. Crew.

I believe that Mr. Crew doesn't understand that if the state can control a women's most basic human right then the stare will try to control the most basic human rights of men. Slavery continues in some countries and religious and secular persecution of homosexuals is alive and kicking in the world. The enslavement of homosexuals in the death camps of Nazi Germany is probably the most notorious of examples.

In regards to the claim Democrats want to provide free lunches for everyone. I do not recall Democrats wanting to give free lunches to the billionaire class, they already consider themselves to be a privileged class and shouldn't have to pay any taxes. But we do believe in feeding the needy.

Jerry's claim Democrats want to provide welfare to undocumented immigrants, well my Catholic upbringing taught that I must have empathy for strangers and tend to their needs.

As a human being I believe no one should go broke or deep in debt to get health care and yes universal Healthcare for all is a basic human right.

Larry Ginter




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