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Letters from readers

October 26, 2018
Farm News

To the editor:

Thank you Farm News editors for printing the Sept. 7th letter by Mr. George Naylor. George spoke truth to power when he exposed the Farm Bureau, Commodity groups as lackeys for multinational corporations he included Congress who since 1953 have genuflected to the dictates of agribusiness power house Cargill, Monsanto and vertical integrators like Prestige farms and Smithfield. Now I would include The World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and giant U.S. Banks with their dictorial structural adjustment programs that keep nations big and small in debt.

George was right when he said "Today's farm crisis is not the product of a misguided trade war". The U.S. Has been under pricing our grain ever since 1953 when Congress and President Eisenhower dismantled the parity price floor mechanism. Today, Trump's very cruel response to 65 years of farm gate theft is reflected in his shamefully inadequate bailout from his goofy trade embargo.

No one should blame China for being able to buy U.S. Grain cheap blame U.S. Policy makers. If someone handed me an economic windfall like the U.S. Dumping it's cheap grain on the world market I would be laughing all the way to the bank. No wonder we have a huge trade embalance with China. Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

The only real winners in Trump's bailout are the agribusiness conglomerates in the livestock industry. Those vertical integrators have been getting underpriced grain all the while independent family farm hog producers have been losing money on the grain they raise and feed. With Trump and his political appointees waging war on the EPA and the relaxing of pollution standards those vertical integrators can pollute with impunity.

If I had the power I would tell the World Trade Organization the U.S. Is a sovereign nation and we will not stand for unelected foreign bureaucrats and lawyers dictating how we conduct our farm policy. Then I would inform the world we are going to monetize our raw resources (grains) to the parity price index and institute a grain reserve and a supply management plan. I would inform our trading partners we are no longer selling cheap grain on the world market and immediately send trade representatives to negotiate agriculture trade that will sustain and respect farmers, workers and communities throughout the world

Larry Ginter

Rhodes, Iowa



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