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Letters from readers

July 28, 2017

o the editor:

What a pleasure to read a civil reply to Jerry Crew's letter about Alan Guebert's opinions on the Paris Accords (Farm News, July 14).

The religious aspect or ethics of this discussion need further attention. Paul Devine says the Lord will ask us, "What did you do to preserve the magnificence of my creation?"

Mr. Crew has been no-tilling for over 30 years. That means God's creation, which includes earthworms, fungi, bacteria, and too many other living things to mention, have been preserved on his farm.

That cannot be said of most of the farms in Iowa. Every spring and fall the vast majority of Iowa farmers are quite intent on murdering God's creatures (our helpers) with tillage as they prepare the soil for planting and displacement to rivers and streams (called erosion).

Speaking of preserving God's creation, what about sovereign individuals created in His image? The climate cultists believe these individuals are mere impediments to their idyllic and unachievable utopia. Crony capitalists such as Elon Musk and Warren Buffet unabashedly exploit the good intentions of the cult by promoting subsidies and mandates for wasteful projects they deem necessary to combat climate change.

Musk has his electric cars built for rich people and Buffet has his bird-killing windmills, neither one of which would be built at all if the government kept its little noses out of our lives. Even James Hansen, the NASA scientist who first sounded the global warming alarm, says the Paris agreement would do nothing to change climate trends.

Before we ("we" being government) cause hardship for people on the financial margins through market distortions to make us feel good about ourselves, we should be sure such actions will accomplish something. So far it accomplishes one thing, making rich, conniving opportunists richer.

Fritz Groszkruger




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