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Embraces Tea Party

November 15, 2013
Jerry Crew, of Webb

To the editor,

In David Kruse's latest column "Heartless Tea Party," about the blizzard in South Dakota and the response of Rep. Christie Noem, R-SD, who voted against aid for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, Kruse may have felt she should not have gone on record on the House Floor asking for aid to the victims of the blizzard.

In other words, if she truly believed the government shouldn't help the victims of the hurricane, why would she want help for those in the blizzard?

Logically, I would agree, but the reality of politics trumps ideology. She was elected because the voters of S.D. wanted someone to curtail government spending and represent their best interests. I personally do not think this detracts from her record, but others may feel otherwise.

I take exception to Kruse's use of the Tea Party as a pejorative equating them to Nazis of WW II. I am a conservative Republican and I welcome the Tea Party as fellow voters who, to the best of my knowledge, espouse the same views as I.

Kruse is not a Republican. Oh, he may attend statewide events and throw a few bucks around, but he is a Republican in name only.

Jerry Crew




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