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It's Friday

June 25, 2019 It's Rick Friday's cartoon submission for June 21, 2019. more »»

Farm and Food File

June 25, 2019 There’s an interesting paradox occurring in today’s commodity and financial markets. Maybe you’ve noticed it; market watchers certainly have. Here’s what they’ve seen: Every time President Donald J. more »»

County Agent Guy

June 25, 2019 There once was a time when I was a complete and utter BB brain. I was eight years old when one of my school chums acquired an air rifle. more »»

Will the ag sector pay for Trump’s immigration policy?

June 25, 2019 There are a lot of people, businesses and entities that were pretty shaken up over Donald J. more »»

Midwest Marketing Solutions

June 25, 2019 Anheuser-Busch to stop running ads on claims of corn syrup A Wisconsin judge has ordered Anheuser-Busch to stop running advertisements saying that Miller Light beer contains corn syrup. more »»

USDA surprises traders with corn yield

June 25, 2019 Late last week, the White House announced they were immediately suspending tariffs with Mexico as they had reached an agreement on immigration. more »»

Crop watch

June 25, 2019 Anyone’s guess as to how both corn and soybean yields will turn out on many acres in the state and across the country is only as good as throwing darts at a dartboard. more »»

Down pressure

June 25, 2019 Spring planting. It’s probably the best time of year next to the fall harvest for most farmers. more »»

“Is This Heaven?” Endures 30 years later

June 18, 2019 Back when I was just starting high school, a phenomenon began occurring around my hometown of Lake City and beyond. more »»

It's Friday

June 18, 2019 Rick Friday's cartoon submission for June 14, 2019... more »»

Crop watch

June 18, 2019 Finally in the last month of May and first days of June we get the break in weather we have been hoping for. more »»

Farm and Food File

June 18, 2019 Most American farmers spent the last week of May and the first week of June either driving through mud or stuck in it. more »»

Conflict with Iran is no joke

June 18, 2019 There is a joke that goes something like: “The stock market is crashing on the announcement by NASA that an extinction size asteroid had been tracked on a collision course with the earth in a few... more »»

County Agent Guy

June 18, 2019 Out on the east edge of our farm there’s some ground that’s been classified as a permanent wetland. As such, this part of our farm has no value from a production agriculture point of view. more »»

Production worries push values higher

June 18, 2019 The month of May was recorded as one of the wettest in history, in fact, some have stated that much of the Corn Belt reported the wettest May on record in 125 years. more »»

Midwest Marketing Solutions

June 18, 2019 Sale barn owners charged The owners of a sale barn in Kansas have been charged with carrying out a check kiting scheme by federal authorities after the fraud resulted in banks losing millions of... more »»

It's Friday

June 7, 2019 Rick Friday's cartoon submission for June 7, 2019. more »»

Farm and Food File

June 7, 2019 The month of May left as it arrived: riding in a rowboat from flooded farm field to flooded farm field across the Midwest. Worse, June is sloshing in with more rain, more mud, and more worry. more »»

How DJT stays president in 2020

June 7, 2019 “It’s the economy stupid” was the mantra for the Bill Clinton campaign to get him re-elected to a second term as president, despite his many flaws. Donald J. more »»

County Agent Guy

June 7, 2019 I am not normally judgmental, but you should probably question the judgment of anyone who asks me to be a judge. more »»



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