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Thanks for laughter

May 9, 2013 To the editor, Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoy Jerry Nelson’s weekly column in the Farm News. I’m not a farmer, but they pay my salary. more »»

Defending niche pork

April 26, 2013 To the Editor: It’s too bad David Kruse found it necessary to disparage niche markets (April 19 issue) instead of examining why hundreds of Midwest farmers have found they get fairer from... more »»

Opposed to GMOs? Just say so

January 11, 2013 To the editor, I’m always amazed how easy some people can convince themselves or be convinced by others that “up is down” and “down is up.” Organic proponents like Darwin Peterson (letter in Jan. more »»

Gene manipulation

January 4, 2013 To the editor, After reading David Kruse’s harangue on GMOs saving the world from hunger (Dec. 21 issue), I must respon. more »»

Let’s try peace and freedom

December 21, 2012 To the editor, David Kruse has been expanding outside his usual call for ethanol subsidies in calling attention to the vast subsidy the oil industry gets by the view of the USA as a super power ... more »»

Loved Ag Show

December 12, 2012 To the editor, As an agricultural business owner I was a vendor at the Farm-News Ag Show that was held Dec. 5 and 6 on the ICCC campus. Area farmers attended this informative two-day even. more »»

Conservation ethic is lost

November 23, 2012 o the editor, I don’t know why Farm News is reluctant to print letters critical of Alan Guebert. more »»

Adding value to soybeans

November 1, 2012 To the editor, As Three Dog Night once sang, “One is the loneliest number,” and right now it may seem lonely at the top of the list of our soy customers. U.. more »»

Racing to depression

October 19, 2012 To the editor, Conservatives decry the “fiscal cliff.” Liberals only seem worried about losing power. Nobody tells the truth of why we are speeding downhill toward disaster. more »»

Attacking RFS attacks U.S. values

August 24, 2012 To the editor, As General Manager of POET Bio-Refining in Gowrie, I help support many communities’ vibrant local economy. But it is not just me. more »»

Looking closer

August 10, 2012 To the editor: Taxes, spending and the economy are always hot topics among politicians, especially during an election year. more »»

Farmers need financial reform

August 3, 2012 To the editor, As Iowa farmers fret over this unprecedented and disastrous drought, it brings home why we need to be able to carefully manage our risks. more »»


July 12, 2012 To the editor, I think making petty demands based on short-term needs with no concern for the future is childish. more »»

Is it really an ‘accident?’

June 15, 2012 Ac-ci-dent n. 1) an unpleasant and unintended happening, sometimes resulting from negligence, that results in injury, loss, damage. more »»

An option to gestation crates

May 4, 2012 To the editor, The issue of gestation crates versus group housing discussed in Farm News has not mentioned the option of computerized sow feeding systems. more »»

PC run amok

April 20, 2012 To the editor, In the March 16 Spring Farm edition of Farm News, the article, “ISU: Organic farming can profit producers,” is the perfect example of the old saying, when computers first... more »»

Animal rights

April 13, 2012 To the editor, Concerning David Kruse’s column “Ruining hog business” in the April 6 issue: First, Kruse can’t spell Niman Ranch. more »»

PC run amok

April 6, 2012 To the editor, In the March 16 Spring Farm edition of Farm News, the article, “ISU: Organic farming can profit producers,” is the perfect example of the old saying, when computers first... more »»

A win-win

March 16, 2012 To the editor, One of my favorite parts of the Beef Checkoff that speaks to its worth and importance is the research to produce healthier and safer beef. more »»

4th in nation

March 16, 2012 4th in nation To the editor, As a beef producer and board member on the Iowa Beef Industry Council, I feel the need to respond to Alan Guebert’s opinion (Feb. more »»



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