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Animal rights

April 13, 2012 To the editor, Concerning David Kruse’s column “Ruining hog business” in the April 6 issue: First, Kruse can’t spell Niman Ranch. more »»

PC run amok

April 6, 2012 To the editor, In the March 16 Spring Farm edition of Farm News, the article, “ISU: Organic farming can profit producers,” is the perfect example of the old saying, when computers first... more »»

A win-win

March 16, 2012 To the editor, One of my favorite parts of the Beef Checkoff that speaks to its worth and importance is the research to produce healthier and safer beef. more »»

4th in nation

March 16, 2012 4th in nation To the editor, As a beef producer and board member on the Iowa Beef Industry Council, I feel the need to respond to Alan Guebert’s opinion (Feb. more »»

Keep investing

March 16, 2012 Keep investing To the editor, Here we go again: a journalist professing to be an expert on the beef check-off. more »»

Not incompetent, but criminal

March 2, 2012 To the editor, Modern-day patriots are often misunderstood as being merely GOP tools, because Tea Partiers found agreement with lip-service Republicans on constitutionally-limited... more »»

Class warfare, envy

January 27, 2012 To the editor, I get a real kick out of all those crocodile tears Republican politicians are shedding for the unemployed. more »»

Don’t fear red Devon cattle

January 20, 2012 To the editor, In response to the Jan 6 Associated Press article “Few U.S. more »»

Case for Ron Paul

December 30, 2011 To the editor; Dr. more »»

Making same mistakes

December 2, 2011 To the Editor, David Kruse makes some good points about the current state of our economy. For instance, his characterization of the China Currency Bill as Smoot-Hawley-like is right on. more »»

Let nature work

November 11, 2011 To the editor, I’m sure Bob Streit meant 2 ½ inches per foot of soil, instead of per inch in his Oct. 21 column in Farm News. more »»

Finally, urgency

November 11, 2011 To the editor, After only three years, President Obama has decided the unemployed need our urgent attention. more »»

Rally ‘round freedom

October 14, 2011 To the Editor: First a disclaimer: I do not hate ethanol. I love freedom and appreciate its benefits. Larry Kershner would like us to “Rally 'round RFS” (Sept. more »»

Backs ethanol use

August 26, 2011 To the editor: These days it seems there are few issues that members of Congress can agree upon. more »»

Takes issue with Fric and Frac

August 5, 2011 To the editor, I have decided two of the weekly contributors in the opinion section of Farm News are worthy of special attention and will hereafter refer to them as Fric (Alan Guebert)... more »»

Get out of ethanol

July 29, 2011 To the editor; The story on the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee (July 15 issue) for POET needs to be put in perspective. more »»


February 18, 2011 To the editor: The genetically modified organism advocates say that in order to feed the world we must continue on the path of GMO-contamination of the earth's plant life. more »»

What’s the answer?

February 4, 2011 To the editor: I’m a little confused with two different references made by David Kruse that were made in two different columns about what caused the depression of the 1930s. more »»

Third World status

February 4, 2011 To the Editor: The (Jan. 21) front page story about Poet’s Project LIBERTY is real, right? Liberty for who? For the corporate thieves who are costing America its soul. more »»

Let them apologize

January 21, 2011 To the editor: Recently much has been said and acted upon to maintain state and church separation. more »»



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