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A thousand thank you’s

April 11, 2014 To the editor, We are long time readers of Farm News. We are also one of the families that would be directly impacted by Rock Island Clean Line’s monstrous extension cord. more »»

Another potential Dust Bowl

April 10, 2014 To the editor, Larry Kershner had two articles “Managing soil after stover removal” and “If you grow it ... they will build a plant,” (March 21) trumpeting the “glory” of cellulosic ethanol. more »»

Thank you

March 14, 2014 To the editor: As general manager of POET Biorefining — Gowrie Iowa I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the entire community of Fort Dodge for your continued support of biofuels and the... more »»

Property rights at stake

March 14, 2014 To the editor: Farm News carried a story on the front page of the March 7 issue, “NW Iowa feels wind power windfall” which epitomized the “glory” of wind energy and the financial reward to al. more »»

You are not exempt

February 25, 2014 To the Editor, In response to the Feb. 20 New York Times op/ed on the release of the latest undercover video, I felt the need to put together a few thoughts. more »»

Why till, anyway?

December 27, 2013 To the editor, I was delighted that Bruce Voigts’ letter “Outrageous tillage” was published (Dec. 20 issue), and, as an added benefit, it was done Shakespearian style. more »»

Outrageous tillage

December 20, 2013 To the editor, Traveling around Wright and Hamilton counties, I see deep tillage in soybean stubbl. more »»

Can you hear the bells?

December 20, 2013 To the editor, The holidays are a time to share cherished memories of Christmases past. Friends and family gather to relive these memories. They also gather to make memories for future celebrations. more »»

Who’s heartless?

November 29, 2013 To the editor, David Kruse proposes we finance his compassion, rather than he do it himself in his “Heartless Tea Party” column (Nov.8 Farm News). more »»

Embraces Tea Party

November 15, 2013 To the editor, In David Kruse’s latest column “Heartless Tea Party,” about the blizzard in South Dakota and the response of Rep. more »»

Who’s next?

August 28, 2013 To the editor, People in the northwest corner and reluctant parts not so far out in in the great state of Iowa are likely left to wonder who next will Re. more »»

Women in agriculture

August 16, 2013 To the editor, I just wanted to say I enjoyed the article in the insert, Women in Ag (inserted in July 19 issue). Not Afraid to be different. more »»

Flawed articles

July 5, 2013 To the editor On March 16 Farm News published the article “ISU: Organic farming can profit producers.” On June 21 FN published the article on page 2 “ISU study: Organic farming builds better soils. more »»

The death of our freedom to farm

May 17, 2013 To the editor, For 200 years, the U.S. more »»

Thanks for laughter

May 9, 2013 To the editor, Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoy Jerry Nelson’s weekly column in the Farm News. I’m not a farmer, but they pay my salary. more »»

Defending niche pork

April 26, 2013 To the Editor: It’s too bad David Kruse found it necessary to disparage niche markets (April 19 issue) instead of examining why hundreds of Midwest farmers have found they get fairer from... more »»

Opposed to GMOs? Just say so

January 11, 2013 To the editor, I’m always amazed how easy some people can convince themselves or be convinced by others that “up is down” and “down is up.” Organic proponents like Darwin Peterson (letter in Jan. more »»

Gene manipulation

January 4, 2013 To the editor, After reading David Kruse’s harangue on GMOs saving the world from hunger (Dec. 21 issue), I must respon. more »»

Let’s try peace and freedom

December 21, 2012 To the editor, David Kruse has been expanding outside his usual call for ethanol subsidies in calling attention to the vast subsidy the oil industry gets by the view of the USA as a super power ... more »»

Loved Ag Show

December 12, 2012 To the editor, As an agricultural business owner I was a vendor at the Farm-News Ag Show that was held Dec. 5 and 6 on the ICCC campus. Area farmers attended this informative two-day even. more »»



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